Sunday, July 19, 2015

Raya Holiday ๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥

Continues 3day holiday this is awesome!!
but bahhh... its the same
wake up at the time tat im not suppose to be..
 but still shoves back to pillow after woke up.. just need a little time to get back to sleep only haha

So Saturday morning woke up on 4AM, AGAIN

this is kinda sucks
the sucks is that heartache is back!
why so sudden?!
i hate this feeling
all the sudden i feel all the groovy ( ´•̥ו̥` )

so instead of feeling all down, i turn my attention towards Forex
Analyze the chart which Jf teached me on Friday bout the Support & Resists thing
Market closed i cant trade also, so i just get the point and try it on monday see if i will hit TP or not
//using demo lah, if use own acc sure risky, coz im not well trained also

Spent 2hours on it, finally feel sleepy and asleep

i was actually kinda satisfy with ny draw.. but still kinda afraid if i analyze wrong or what
so actually the chart only me myself will get it what am i analyzing  ˘・з・)

Slept till around 12, too hungry and have to woke up 
after finish my lunch, while im back analyzing more chart, received whatsapp from Preene on 1pm
She invited me follow her go Raya Visiting
kinda surprise haha, so sudden Σ(lliд゚ノ)ノ
and also
Kinda scare of being awkward on time
but she says just go a friend house and Fatni's house
so ok lah, On lah hahaha,
its quite so long dy didn't go on Raya Visiting too...
the last time was like few years ago..

S O,

I end up gotten really awkward while visiting those house 
but luckily doesn't have to stayed that long at each house  (´゚д゚`)
i look super awkward & tbh im not ready yet..... urgh (was about to smile lolx

After visiting, coz Fatni have to go to Sarikei fetch his bro, so he just drop us back
we continue hang out in my house
non stop of selfie
its been awhile we havent meet each other
the funny thing is we even fought for it hahaha
misunderstood and sort of emotions
but thankful that its all ok now?
we just need to talk things out (〃∀〃)

i got compliment about the chart thing  from Jf which kinda even made my day more merrier haha
im just the type of person that full of emotions.. i get happy n sad so easily
sometimes, tbh, its kinda troublesome

So Sunday (๑´ㅁ`)
Continue with the Raya Mood
had no idea what to wear to church
so just put on my kebaya
Its been awhile i didnt wore it
This kebaya was once my mom's  and the one my sis Charise wearing 
the thing is she cant fit anymore
hahahahahah! its kinda sad no, she's not skinny or slim as before dy X)


晚上那sei didi不忘share我现场
到video call
效果是MR removed那样的
哈哈哈哈 只收mic声

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