Monday, October 31, 2011

Random Crap, Makeup vs Pale face

im back...walao...
its been so long><
So now let me just randomly blog all crap lah
today im happy
got my new lens~ bb choco lens
so today i decide to play some makeup~XD

 before on lashes,those big eyes ARE scary...
( Please neglected the bra strips ><"" )

now with the lashes on@@"

curled my hair,trying Gyaru on~

tired of snaping,so now i
Lashes off....
Gosh, those eyes =="

the SHOCKING part
with my Lashes and Lenses off!!
different in both eyes in 1 face...
Girls with makeup and without
 is totally different and this is true TAT

my pale flesh face...
THAT`S A real pale face....gosh......
So Noob
so this is how i looked almost 360 days round
ps: i only makeup in room and camwhoring in room
wont makeup and went out tat way X)
i rather be an aunty out there XDD