Friday, April 27, 2012

Pc Fair

Outing day with Guys :3
Its been so long didnt get wild and go anywher like that
We went to KLCC for Pc fair

We 1st get to eat desserts at Tong Pak Fu
Mango is JUst SOOOO my favourite fruit of all
Eventhou it is so expensive for my daily food expenses
But one year one time only,

We meet Aki and Elaine on the way to convention centre after dessert 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

1st time Ah Long Case happened so close

[ Date are roughly guested ]

The Robed case
What shocks is actually not the previous house mate steal
but actually big room BF has steal that.
Actually he owe money from Ah Long and no money to pay till he were pushed to steal the money and to pay the debt.
How they find out is luckily Stephanie has a resume in her laptop and the shop discover it and contact Stephanie and informed is it her laptop wanted to sell.
so Stephanie were accompanied by Bea and went to the shop 
They confirmed the seller face in CCTV 
the shop keeper got keep the seller I.C so can identified and confirm the person.
The shop didn't bought the laptop down and luckily they informed Steph.

When they back home,
they ried to talk and asked is it he steal it.
Tried him to be honest.
His Gf were shocked to hell and totally collapse.
He tell them all the truth and were told that ah long actually already chase the dept till the house.
Bea were scared and collapse coused she actually saw 1 strange guy hanging outside the house with some big pack of stuff outside the house.
The guy and Bea see each other in face and he were so fierce looking.
Bea cried so hardly and so scared how if Ah long do anything to her coz Ah Long will do anything to get the debt back.

Bea was then moved to our house to cover.
They having conflict coz they thought Bea is being selfished..
Its no that matter at all.. But even how that house is unsafety and the ah loong is actually have an eye on her.
Its totally dangerous wat.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Life with Tracy and Bea :3

Tracy moved with me and be my room mate
because actually She already planned to transfer to KL
Since intern is almost near so moving to KL is a best choice for her
Instead of back and forth from Seremban to KL is really bothersome and tiring for her

We went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju to do some Grocerry Shopping
Right after we finish printed our assignment
It is so damn far that we wanna die and it is so big
Its also my first time went there
We were no idea where is the main door is and we went in by the car park way
Totally funny

I were super tired of climbing the slide to get in the mall.
I sweated like hell so i tied my hair up.
Bought alot of stuff at Carrefour and spent almost Rm 200
So much XD

3 girls in 1 room
Ah Xuan sleep at the living room (He cant stay with us since he`s a guy LOL)

Our dinner when we were free to cook..
Awhh.. Longing for all these junk food since i was younger

if its not his butt at our door corner, then it sure his head over there
Super cute fluffy thingy

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moved new house.

[ Date roughly guest on this day. Actual wrote it on 12/12/12]
After the robed case
I moved new house
because actually i were only can stay at bea house for awhile meanwhile finding a new house

We finally get a house that is totally way better than another house
Futhermore the environment were cleaned and peacefull
with 2 super cute dog
Lucas and Vernice
Super classy name >//<

Bea helped me for moving my things..
Gosh i cant imagine if its only me alone how am i gonna do all these stuff without them.
She was super awesome taking my luggage like there`s no weight at all.. Super Women

Lucas is super fluffy and super cute
Mostly get Lucas photo because Vernice is havong her Menstruation and sicked
so she were been placed into Ken friend house to take care of

Since Lucas were prohibited to came in our room
So Lucas love to peek at  our doorside